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Scaling to meet the growing demand for technological advancements and high reliability for the automotive & EV sectors require strategic supply chain solutions.  Converge’s unique global sourcing capabilities and data intelligence on market conditions provides you the necessary insight to solve immediate requirements and anticipate future needs. 



Sitting at the crossroads of supply and demand, Converge’s extensive market knowledge, experience, and connections provide end-to-end visibility for our customers. As the automotive and EV supply chains evolve, we remove roadblocks and mitigate risk to ensure first-mover response to changes before pricing, quality, and production are impacted.


Shortage solutions

当商品化或非商品化电子元器件的短缺冲击全球市场时,您需要一种可以用创造性的采购策略来应对的资源。而 Converge 将传统的开放市场服务与额外的数据科学、金融服务和运营能力相结合,


Obsolescence and lifecycle support

如何从正确的渠道找到正确的物料并保持盈利?Converge 的停产物料管理(FOM)项目可为客户提供所需的市场数据、分析和关系,以采购其需要的关键、高质量的“停产”物料。We offer solutions to extend your product lifecycles, delivering support and driving innovation to ensure that your supply chain can mitigate the risks that obsolete components can bring.



众所周知,使用最优质的电子元器件制造产品会为您带来竞争优势,但这仅仅是开始。优质的产品不仅可以降低退货率,还能降低维护和运营成本,同时有助于客户建立信心,这是品牌忠诚度的基础。We know that only by delivering the quality you need and protecting you from counterfeit parts will we be the partner you turn to again and again.


Innovative solutions from a partner you know and trust

With a standing presence in the automotive and EV industries, Converge has the industry knowledge to go the distance and help you solve the future of your supply chain. 而 Converge 将传统的开放市场服务与额外的数据科学、金融服务和运营能力相结合,加上组件测试、重新认证、存储和中心集成,帮助您拥有了一个联网分销商,即使在困难的情况下也可帮您取得关键成果。