Data & analytics

Market visibility and actionable data put you in control



Supply, demand, and pricing never stop changing. Understanding the dynamics and knowing when to act is how we help you “win” in your industry. Based on trends, transactional data, and industry information, our commodity management team provides unique and actionable intelligence to mitigate shortage and optimize cost. As an Arrow company, Converge can combine traditional open market services with additional layers of data science, financial services, and operational capabilities.

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Converge’s internal ERP system is designed to capture global supply and demand information. Our customers have end-to-end supply chain visibility that includes insight into expected shortages, the liquidity of excess stock, expected availability of obsolete parts, and dashboards of the past performance of components.

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Maximizing value starts with your content. Our consultative approach integrates your supply chain data with our proprietary analytical tools to identify, understand, and take control of obsolescence challenges. Our consultancy brings to bear our extensive capabilities in data science and global best practices, as well as our trusted global network.

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Decisions driven by your history & goals

Converge empowers you to make data-driven supply chain decisions based on deep analysis of your purchasing activities. All of Converge’s product and obsolescence insights are aligned with your goals and current market conditions.

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Sweeping visibility

Converge 可交叉参照全球数以千计的原始设备和合约制造商采用内部零件编号所标记的数以百万计的部件。Our experts can make rapid supply chain decisions based on a comprehensive assessment of risk, obsolescence, and supply conditions.

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The value of data-driven supply chain analytics

We work together with customers using proprietary tools that enable making data-driven decisions around materials, excess management, and forecasting. The result is proactive supply chain management that puts you in control.